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FOREX Robot Trading

A list of the top FOREX trading robots

First, the big question with FOREX robots - Do they work?

The simple answer is sometimes.

That may not be what you wanted to hear but the truth is that FX robots, or just "bots" for short, are simply computer applications programmed to try and predict future price movement based on the past.

One positve note about bots is that they take the emotion and guesswork out of FOREX trading which is often the downfall of many new traders.

You simply receive an automated signal to buy or sell.

While we do not recommend any one bot, there are some that have a good track record.

Here are a list of bots based on popularity (sales and Facebook likes).

Rankings as of ...

#1 Fapturbo - This is currently the number 1 bot selling right now. FX robots are programs that offer buy and sell signals for you so there is really not much work to do on your part. Some people love robots and others hate them. Creators claim it is the best performing forex product ever.

#2 Forex Growth Bot - a low risk-to-reward robot with almost a year of trading proof, plus detailed backtests going bck eight years.

#3 GPS FOREX - GPS FOREX was created by trader Mark Larsen who teamed up with talented young programmers Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk to develop one of the best performing bots going right now. Remember bots are not educational courses but programs that offer buy and sell signals.

#4 Forex MegaDroid Robot - Created by professional traders Albert Parrie and John Grace, this hands-free Forex robot uses Rcpta technology and breaks all records (according to creators).

#5 Leo Trader Pro Neural-Net Robot - The first Neural-net based Forex robot. Creator of this bot offers proof of brokerage account. Claims to have produced over 67% returns per month for over 6 months.